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Raise The Roof!

The Acorn Theatre's roof urgently requires repairs costing over £35,000 and we need YOUR help! Please give your support to our 'Raise The Roof' campaign and help to keep the rain out, the audience dry, and our wonderful theatre...OPEN!

The Acorn wishes to thank everyone involved in helping us to raise money to fix our roof. 

A massive thank you to the following...


  • Aidan Banyard
  • Trefoil Guild 
  • Courtney Watkinson School of Dance
  • The Worksop Lions
  • Worksop Light Operatic Society
  • The Young Theatre Company
  • TaylorMade Productions
  • Kerry Dickinson
  • Sarah Morgan
  • James Morgan

A massive thank you to Courtney Watkinson’s School of Dance for donating this money to The Acorn after their amazing dance show "This Is Me" last October. THANK YOU!